Trailer Lift Blocks Only

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Lift block height: 1"

How many Axles: Single Axle

This kit contains 1", 2", or 3" lift blocks to lift a trailer - These kits do not contain Ubolts

Single Axle Contains (2) Lift Blocks
Tandem Axle Contains (4) Lift Blocks
Tri-Axle Contains (6) Lift Blocks

These lift blocks are 4" long, 1 3/4" wide and 2" tall
Our 1" lift blocks are made from a Solid Steel Billet
Our 2" lift blocks are made from a Solid Steel Billet
Our 3" lift blocks are fabricated from 3x4" HSS steel with a gusset welded in the middle for maximum strength to weight ratio.

**Verify springs are 1 3/4" wide***

Our lift block kits will raise the vehicle if the leaf springs  are above the axle
Our lift blocks can act as a lowering block if the leaf springs are under the axle.

Torque 1/2" Ubolts to 75-90 FTLBS
Torque 9/16" Ubolts to 90-120 FTLBS

Some Ubolt plates can't handle the higher torque ratings so start at the lower torque settings and work your way to a higher level of torque.

These kits are made from all Canadian steel.
Steel bars are made in Canada

Blocks are fabricated by Simcoe Spring Service in Ontario Canada