Dust Cap Remover

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Axle Capacity: 1800-3500Lbs

These dust cap removers are designed to fit the Dexter EZ-Lube dust caps in 3 different sizes.

1800-3500LB Axles use a 1.98" Diameter Dust Cap
5200-6000LB Axles use a 2.44" Diameter Dust Cap
7000LB Axles use a 2.72" Diameter Dust Cap

3 Pack Contains 1 of each dust cap remover - Recommended for mechanics

Designed to remove and Install the Dust Cap without damaging it.
The dust cap should be removed to access the grease fitting so you can grease your bearings.

Servicing your bearings with fresh grease should be done on a regular basis and this tool will help you achieve that.

Designed to be high quality commercial or industrial daily use.

**Dust caps sold separately