C71-359-00 33" Wheel Base (2" Short Equalizer)

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Bushing Material: Bronze

Tandem axle bushing kit for Utility trailers;
Comes in your choice of bronze or plastic bushings.

**Verify**  Equalizer is: 2" tall and 6" wide center to center on the bushing holes

Kit fits tandem trailers
For Tri-axle trailers, use 2 kits.

Bronze Kit includes:
  14 greasable bolts
  14 flanged nuts
  8 Heavy duty 1/2" thick shackles
  2 Equalizers with brass bushings already installed
  8 brass bushings for installing in spring eyes

Plastic Kit includes:
  14 9/16" bolts
  14 9/16" Jam nuts
  8  Light Duty 1/4" thick shackles
  2 Equalizers with Plastic bushings already installed
  8 Plastic bushings for installing in spring eyes

Check out our Installation Video: