43-2237-XL Kit

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*** Only Compatible with mono leaf spring with composite Helper

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Extra leaf Kit for 2021 Ford F150 and Newer

This kit is designed, that when installed, should increase the carrying capacity of your Ford F150 by around 1000 LBS.  Your gross vehicle weight rating (GVRW) should never be exceeded, however when are pushing to your max GVRW, these extra leaves should help prevent the back of your vehicle from doing the classic SQUAT.

This extra leaf kit should increase the ride height of the rear suspension by 1.5 to 1.75" at the rear wheel arches.

If you don't want the vehicle to be raised up quite that high you can always remove the lift block under the leaf spring.  The reduction of height will be equal to the thickness of the block removed.

This extra leaf kit includes:
2 Extra leaves, one for each side of the vehicle
2 spacer plates
4 Center Bolts
4 Plastic Pads
4 Ubolts with nuts and washers Torque to a minimum of 140 FtLBs.  The Ubolts are longer to accommodate the extra thickness of the spring pack)