351-907HD + 35% Capacity +1.5" Lift Coil Springs

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Fits: 2011-2020 Dodge Caravan, Tradesman and Cargo Van

Increases carrying capacity: + 350Lbs or 35%
Increase ride height by 1.5" at rear wheels - Results may vary based on
drive line, and packages.

Fixes the "sagging" caused by most Recreational use towing and hauling

For Commercial grade Extra Heavy Duty coil springs use 351-907XHD

Install time of 60 minutes

We also carry insulators for the top of the coils if you find yours are worn out or damaged, check them out here: Click Here

Installation Instructions:
Remove rear lower shock bolts
Removal of sway bar is needed
Secure vehicle and raise the rear of vehicle using proper jacks
Remove rear coil springs, install new coil springs.
Be sure to re-use any coil insulation rubbers or use the newly purchased pair
Lower vehicle and reassemble shocks and sway bars.